Floreo Associates was founded by a team with over 30 years of shared experience in Further Education, Vocational Training and International Consultancy. The company provides human capital development services for domestic and overseas clients with a variety of backgrounds and upcoming professional challenges.  This often includes, but is not limited to, group training of individuals from private and public sector settings who play an important role in the national development of human capital and institutional capacity.

Floreo engages closely with a wide network of UK-based consultants, independent trainers and HR institutions to develop training solutions for both institutional and individual clients. Our projects cover the design and delivery of bespoke programmes matching specific requirements, as well as off-the-shelf courses in practical, contemporary and economically-relevant skill areas.


Our company staff and sector-specific consultants come together to deliver bespoke and off-the-shelf vocational training programmes. We support clients in becoming active contributors to the development of local and national human capital.


Collaborating with a range of government entities, multinational corporations, charitable bodies and aspiring individuals from around the world, we provide clients with access to the latest vocational expertise across multiple training areas.


Our work remains grounded in far-reaching optimism. Whether seeking to promote personal, organisational or national prosperity, we team up with clients in the hope of preparing them to navigate their own path to a brighter future.

As a field in which human capital and professional expertise have particularly important communal consequences, Medical Technology & Clinical Skills is one of Floreo’s key training areas. Here our aims are to deliver programmes in vital practical proficiencies for which there are skill-shortages and an underprovision or lack of accessibility to training for those outside of a public healthcare system.

Our Phlebotomy Courses are directed by Dr R. Khalil MMed FAMS FRCOG, Principal Consultant for Medical Technology & Clinical Skills at Floreo Associates. In addition to a prolific research career and numerous leadership roles within the NHS, Dr Khalil has extensive experience in healthcare training and has been involved for many years in the teaching and training of doctors, nurses and other allied health professionals in the UK and overseas.

Find out more at www.floreo.co.uk