Live Bloods Clinic Sessions (Part 2)

£270.00 (incl. VAT)

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2+ Sessions (Morning)


Part 2

The last stage of our Phlebotomy Training takes places in an NHS facility and gives you the opportunity to take blood from real patients under the one-to-one supervision of a Floreo trainer. These sessions will allow you to apply and further develop your technical and interpersonal skills in an authentic clinical setting, performing the procedures you will regularly carry out as a practicing phlebotomist.

Please note that the time it takes to achieve competency varies from individual to individual. Your trainer will advise on a suitable number of sessions, and keep a close eye on your progress throughout. Once your knowledge and skills meet the necessary requirements, you will be issued with a Certificate of Competency awarded jointly with the NHS facility in which you undertake your training.

Who Should Attend

Entry Requirements

Candidates aged 18 or over

Hepatitis B vaccinated (1st Jab Only)

✔ Successful completion of our Introductory Course (Part 1) or valid certification from a reputable organisation for Phlebotomy Theory & Dry Laboratory training