Below is a list of answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find an answer to your query, please get in touch for more information.

Q1 How long does the training last?

Depending on your background, it takes only 3-5 days to complete our comprehensive Phlebotomy Training Programme!

If you’re already in healthcare, our theory and dry lab training (Part 1) is combined in a one day introductory course after which you will need to attend our Live Bloods Clinic Sessions before receiving a Certificate of Competency. The number of live bloods sessions needed to gain competence varies from person to person, but two sessions (8 hours) is what we usually find is best for healthcare professionals. Alternatively, you can complete the theory component at your own pace online and then attend an afternoon of dry lab training before completing the live bloods sessions.

If you’re new to healthcare, then you will first need to attend our introductory course which lasts two days. After this you’ll move on to the Live Bloods Clinic Sessions and complete your training. Again, it varies from person to person but three sessions (12 hours) is what we normally find is sufficient to award the Certificate of Competency for those coming from non-healthcare backgrounds.

Q2 How big are the classes?

We make sure our introductory classes (Part 1) stay small, ensuring they are a productive learning experience for you with ample opportunity for good interaction with our instructors. During the dry lab Sessions, all delegates will have more than enough time to develop a good blood drawing technique practicing on mannequins.

Our Live Bloods Clinic training however is delivered one-to-one, with your designated trainer paying close attention to the development of your skills and competency throughout the sessions.

Q3 Do I need to bring anything with me?

Not at all! We provide all the course materials and practical equipment you need, as well as a notepad and pen if you wish to make extra notes. You will also receive a Course Companion covering all the theory material, which is yours to keep for future reference.

A buffet lunch and refreshments for each day of training are also included in the course fees.

Q4 Is there an exam?

Our trainers will give you a multiple choice quiz at end of your theory session (Part 1a) to help consolidate your essential knowledge before moving on to the dry lab session. Healthcare professionals choosing to take the theory module online will complete a similar exercise in our eLearning environment.

As the Dry Lab & Live Bloods Clinic Training (Parts 1a + 2) are designed to develop your practical competencies, our trainers will monitor your progress throughout the sessions and issue your certificates once they are confident you have demonstrated the necessary level of knowledge and skills.

Q5 What Certificates will I receive and are they recognised?

If you complete our training from start to finish (Parts 1 + 2) you will receive two certificates – a Certificate of Attendance after the Introductory Course (Part 1), and a Certificate of Competency at the end of your Live Bloods Clinic Sessions (Part 2).

The Certificate of Competency is awarded jointly with the NHS facility in which you undertake your Live Bloods training, and demonstrates that you have developed the competencies set out by national and international guidelines for practicing phlebotomy.

As there are no set requisite qualifications for those applying for phlebotomy roles, we cannot guarantee that our certificates will be recognised by all the diverse healthcare organisations our delegates may wish to join. What we can guarantee, however, is that completing our training will ensure you develop the knowledge and skills used as standards of practice for phlebotomists in the NHS and other leading public healthcare systems. Together with the references our staff and trainers are more than happy to write for you, possessing these skills is an excellent way of setting yourself apart from other candidates seeking roles in the healthcare sector as phlebotomists.

Q6 When will I receive my certificates?

The Certificate of Attendance is issued to you in person as soon as you have completed the Introductory Course (Part 1).

As the Certificate of Competency is awarded jointly with an NHS Clinic, these take a little longer to arrange before being sent to you by post. You will only need to wait up to 2-3 weeks after completing the Live Blood Clinic Sessions (Part 2) however, allowing you to quickly add them to your portfolio of achievements and begin planning your next steps right away.

Q7 Will I get a job afterwards?

The vast majority of quality training in phlebotomy is only available on-the-job, and there are no set requisite qualifications which candidates can take before applying. The combination of these two factors means that it is very difficult for aspiring phlebotomists to distinguish themselves from others competing for jobs.

Thankfully, Floreo’s training can provide a head-start by equipping you with the knowledge and skills used as standards of practice for phlebotomists in the NHS and other leading healthcare systems around the world. In addition to demonstrating your commitment and dedication to the role, possessing the competencies in high demand by employers will put you in a strong position during selection processes and ease your path into the most attractive positions.

Our trainers have longstanding experience of NHS & private sector phlebotomy services, and Part 2 of your training will take place in an NHS facility. This will allow you to gain knowledge and personal contacts which you can draw upon when looking to gain entry into the NHS or other healthcare organisations.

In addition to the references we will provide on request, our team are also happy to put you in touch with a number of recruitment agencies in the healthcare sector to whom we routinely refer competent candidates that have completed our training.

Q8 Can I pay in instalments?

We offer all those interested in our training the option of paying in instalments if they book up to one month in advance, with 50% of the course fees payable at the time of booking and the remaining 50% one week before your start date.

This option is not available online, so you will need to contact us on +44 (0) 203 617 1136 or [email protected] to book your place.

Q9 Will I get a refund if I wish to cancel?

If for whatever reason you wish to cancel your booking, you will receive a full refund when cancelling one month before your start date; if cancelling at any point after that, you will receive a full refund minus a £50 admin fee.

Q10 What happens if I am unhappy with the course?

Your professional development and personal satisfaction is our main concern. We therefore maintain a 100% client satisfaction guarantee, meaning you will receive all of your money back if, by lunchtime of your first day of training, you feel it is not for you.

We always appreciate and seek to gain feedback from our delegates, using the valuable information we receive to continually improve and develop our programmes.


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